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Need more members? Struggling to keep up with member demands? On the verge of burnout? These are all very real issues for community leaders and managers. However, too often, these same leaders may be overworked, misunderstood, or under appreciated.  I know, I’ve been there!

I’ve taken my learnings and distilled them into three distinct areas, so you can learn from my experiences and give your business, employees and community the best chance of survival:

What Can George Help You With?

Community Strategy – outlining short, mid and long term plans for growing your professional community, ensuring you are using the right metrics, setting realistic expectations for all involved parties, and utilising the latest tools.

Community Leadership Coaching – give your community managers and specialists the support and guidance they deserve. When growing communities, community managers are often supporting everyone else but themselves. With my experience managing one of Australia’s largest and most prominent coworking spaces, I can lend my experience to your team on a consistent basis to help improve their productivity, motivation and health. And if you’re looking to develop more leaders within your community, we can work together to create specific masterminds, programs and events to help increase loyalty, engagement and sales.

Employee Experience (EX) Design – many startups often relegate employee onboarding to last on their list. However, as you grow, the need to have something in place will become more and more prevalent. To ensure you’re setup for the best chance of success, we help you design an employee experience based off of learnings organising customer-facing communities. This will help alleviate and/or manage the inevitable realities of burnout for your employees as you grow.

(Other services we offer include doing explainer videosfront-end website development, and startup coaching for those interested. Enquire below to learn more.)

Why George?


If you or your community are looking to get back onto the path you belong, fill out the form below, detailing what you’re looking to accomplish (all responses are kept private). Once I have that information, I’ll do a little research about you and your business and we’ll set up a time to chat.

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