I’m a huge supporter of the Melbourne startup scene, and an even bigger fan of communities. From 2012, I expanded my networks far and wide as Community Manager for Hub Melbourne (one of Australia’s leading coworking spaces).

While building the community, I also grew a side business doing explainer videos for small to medium sized businesses. This allowed me to practice and validate a lot of ideas that came up during talks with other growing businesses.

While servicing a community and experimenting with my own side business, I learned about the different stages a startup goes through, their needs and challenges at each stage and, ultimately, the various motivations for pushing through hard times.

As a result, I became an avid supporter of groups such as That Startup Show, Pause Fest and Silicon Beach Drinks. Unsurprisingly, after interacting with over 1100 startups over the years, I decided to join a tech startup myself called LawAdvisor, as of August 2015. It took me out of my comfort zone in terms of crossing industries, but it’s been a great learning opportunity.

If you’d like to learn more about my work with startups and other businesses, check out my Linkedin page, or go to my coaching page for some 1:1 time.