I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can always come to for all your needs. I’ll add to it as I learn more, but you’ll notice that in the future I will reference this page quite often. I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

Favorite Blogs

Here’s a list of my favorite blogs from across the web. I try to keep my favorites to a maximum of 3 per topic. The larger the list grows, the harder it can be to keep up. Therefore, I choose and stick with only 3 of the very best at any one time. 

Culture & Community
Community Roundtable
 – the CR is the only resource site dedicated to community management as a practice. Thanks to a coworker, I now regularly refer to this site for invaluable insight into what it takes to create, build and grow communities (both offline and online).

Startups & Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneur On Fire (with John Lee Dumas) – I fell in love with this guy after being suggested to be on his show by a friend of mine. He’s helping a lot of people by doing 7 day podcasts and just absolutely killing it when it comes to attracting a large community of passionate people.
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers – KPCB is a venture capital firm with over 40 years of experience helping entrepreneurs deliver world changing ideas to market. They’ve invested in Twitter, Google and Electronic Arts (just to name a few).
First Round Review – The Review delivers premium insights from the best and most creative entrepreneurs in the business. The quality of their content is top notch. I read each article from beginning to end and am never disappointed.

Online Marketing
Gary Vaynerchuk – everything this guy spits out is fire. He’s passionate, honest and not afraid to shake things up. When it comes to effective marketing, I look to this guy a lot. I also frequent his Youtube motivational videos a lot.
Brian Harris (Videofruit)  – I appreciate Brian for his ability to break everything down for you in a step-by-step format. He’s completely transparent and gets shit done. This is why I like his style.
Marie Forleo – Marie is sassy, classy and fun. Although her audience is predominantly female, her interviews with celebrities, experts and thought leaders around business and life are helpful.
Michael Hyatt – an expert in leadership and building trust, MH always amazes me with his sincerity, candor and family spirit. His productivity tips and tricks are what I find most useful.

Creativity & Inspiration
99u by Behance – lots of content, but not always able to read from beginning to end due to volume. Great source of inspiration for creative types. They cover quite a lot of topics relevant to creative entrepreneurs.

Favorite Tools

Slack – Slack is the penultimate aggregator of productivity tools for cross-functional teams out there in the market right now. The great thing about it is that it pulls in all your other third-party apps into one seamless ecosystem. I now use it as my primary dashboard for sales notifications, social media activity, and staying abreast market trends.

Evernote – this is my second most used tool. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s essentially your second brain. I record absolutely everything in Evernote and its searching capabilities are incredibly intuitive.

Google Apps – this should be a given for anyone running their own business. Google owns the world (pretty much) and I continue to pay them my money. Why? Because I can’t fault their products: Gmail, Calendar, Sites, Google Plus, etc.

Streak CRM – if you have more than 150 contacts or relationships that you need to manage, you should have a CRM. If you’re on a budget, this free CRM is great for when you’re starting out. It plugs straight into your Gmail account.