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How To Standout As An Animator

By George Siosi Samuels on June 5, 2012

From my experiences, there are four elements to getting noticed as an animator in today’s day and age. This may give a little boost to animators looking to break out in their industry.

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LeSean Thomas Storyboards from Legend of Korra

By George Siosi Samuels on May 31, 2012

LeSean Thomas, A South Bronx NYC native, is an American Television Animation Producer, animator, illustrator, comic book artist, writer, character designer from Los Angeles. He’s an inspiration to a lot of “colored brothers” in a market that’s predominantly Caucasian or Asian. At the end of…

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Finding A Mentor – Resources & Networks

By George Siosi Samuels on May 27, 2012

Ever wish you had Obi Wan Kanobi to guide you through life? Throughout our lives, mentors may come in various shapes and sizes. However, typically, when we leave school or embark on our journey into the “real world”, we find just how hard it is to call upon such figures.

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The Future Of iPad Touch Animation

By George Siosi Samuels on May 24, 2012

The future of animation is endless. Strides in animation content creation have been made with tablet and smartphone devices, including apps like Animation Desk to Animation Creator for the iPad, for mostly 2D-styled works. However, a recent discovery shows one man’s mission to bring true 3D animation creation to tablets as well.