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George Samuels

Hi, I’m George. By day, I’m a Community Manager for a global fintech company called IRESS. By night, I host the It Will Come Show podcast, and am founder of an accountability mastermind group called The Pack.

I typically work with community-minded organisations, but have also been seen working with startup founders, small business owners and community influencers.

In 2008, I graduated from RMIT University with an undergrad in Multimedia Systems (Design) and, in 2010, a Master’s in Creative Media (Animation & Interactive Media).

I always loved learning a bit of everything (from programming and design to project management), but I enjoyed speaking to people more than sitting behind a desk. And so began my journey in entrepreneurship in 2012, when I quit my job as a front-end developer and started my own freelancing business.

When Adobe identified me as a Key Person of Influence, it gave weight to the title I held at the time as a “Cultural Animator“. I extracted what I learned from animating (yes, like Disney animation), freelancing, and working with others, and applied those lessons into everything I did.

After being noticed for my entrepreneurial efforts, I was asked to consider being Community Manager for a coworking space called Hub Melbourne. I accepted. A few years there helped me expand my network, learn how to grow a strong community, and become well versed in the local startup scene.

In 2015, I launched The It Will Come Show in response to community requests for more of my time, advice and guidance. It was a perfect way to magnify my knowledge and release my own “philosophy” to the world.

It’s worth checking out if you’re a community-driven entrepreneur or professional who wants to make your own way in business and life.


George Siosi Samuels is a community professional with entrepreneurial tendencies. By day, he’s the Community Manager for IRESS. By night, he hosts the It Will Come Show podcast and runs a growing accountability group called The Pack. He’s passionate about helping people find their way in business and in life through community.

George helps community-driven businesses get (and stay) on track during their growth or transition phases. George has operated in the Creative, Startup & SME sectors since 2010 and has been featured by Anthill Magazine, Adobe, Entrepreneur On Fire and ABC Radio. When he’s not growing communities, he coaches other entrepreneurs, helps teams get more productive, and supports cultural animators.



Here are a couple results from different personality tests I’ve taken over the years:

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