Helping people back onto the path they belong to.


George Samuels

Do you know what the definition of animation is? It’s Latin root, animare, means “to breathe life into”, and that’s what I do. I breathe life into people, brands and cultures so they can get back onto the path they belong to.

I typically work work creatives entrepreneurs, but also service small business owners and influential community leaders.

In 2008, I graduated from RMIT University with an undergrad in Multimedia Systems (Design) and, in 2010, a Master’s in Creative Media (Animation & Interactive Media).

I always loved learning a bit of everything (from programming and design to project management), but I always enjoyed speaking to people more than sitting behind a desk, and so began my journey in entrepreneurship in 2012 when I started my own business.

When Adobe identified me as a Key Person of Influence, it gave weight to the title I held at the time as a “Cultural Animator“. I extracted what I learned from animating (yes, like Disney animation), freelancing and working with others, and applied those lessons into the Art of Cultural Animation. This led me to becoming a trusted advisor in culture, digital media and “flow” for entrepreneurs, freelancers and teams.

After running my own business for a bit, I decided to re-enter the workforce as Community Manager for a coworking space called Hub Melbourne. A few years there helped me expand my network, learn how to grow a thriving community, and become well versed in the local startup scene. I also learned a lot about what not to do when building a business.

I’ve been featured in the press a lot.

I’m currently working as Customer Success Manager for an emerging legal tech startup called LawAdvisor (aptly abbreviated to LA). Our team seeks to democratise access to justice through an innovative new platform, which brings together the best of Linkedin, Quora and Google, and intelligently match lawyers with those who need them most. We aim to do for the legal industry what Xero did for accounting, and then some.


George Siosi Samuels helps people get back onto the path they belong. He’s been featured by Adobe, Entrepreneur On Fire and ABC Radio for his work with creative entrepreneurs, growing startups and fledgling communities. He’s been an animator, developer, designer, salesman, and community manager, but thrives the most when leading, connecting or motivating people. He is particularly passionate about people, culture and technology. Although he currently works for a legal tech startup as a Customer Success Manager, he still finds the time to coach creative entrepreneurs and animate cultural stories.


Here are a couple results from different personality tests I’ve taken over the years:

Myers BriggsENFJ
Wealth DynamicsSupporter
How To FascinatePower & Passion