5 Elements of Cultural Animation

Kinship – Many cultural-indigenous stories have a strong sense of connection between families and relations. These do not always include bloodlines, and so include other relations.

Custodianship – This element has a lot to do with land or niches. In order to bring people together, there must be a sense of connection with the land in which they operate. If there is none, daily activities can lose their meaning. There is a sense of guardianship and responsibility.

Totemism – This has to do with connection to nature and the spirits contained within. Totems can be anything symbolic to a peoples, but they are usually held in high regard to keep the group focused and proud.

Song & Dance – music and rhythm are important parts of most cultures. When applied to animation or any group activity, this can enhance the experience and significance of the event.

Sacredness – This is the final element that binds all the others. It’s the element that must be kept in all aspects of  cultural animation, so that the connection between each other is far more penetrating than without.


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