“We all cooperate together like a punch. All fingers together, never apart.”

Contestant from India's Dancing Superstar

How Medicine Wheels Can Help Entrepreneurs

Medicine Wheel. Siosism.

For many entrepreneurs, the drive for success can sometimes feel like a lonely path. Depression, anxiety and stress are all areas that impact upon emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves, yet, very few speak up enough about it. The Native American Medicine Wheel is a simple, yet significant symbol. In it, lies a plethora of […]

How Wolves Will Help Shape the Collaborative Economy


There is an article on the Harvard Business Review about the rise of the “Collaborative Economy” (also known by many other names including the “Sharing Economy”), which grabbed my attention. As we move past the gloom and doom of 2012, which was radically misinterpreted by Hollywood and the general Western public, we’re beginning to see a new […]