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How To Manage Your Growing Network Database of Contacts

As a creative entrepreneur, it can be tough trying to rummage through your memory bank when it comes to remembering names.

Once you move past 150 people, which is supposedly the maximum number of close relationships you can keep before seeing diminishing returns (also known as Dunbar’s Number), you’ll want to start keeping track of all your contacts outside of your brain.

This is especially true if you’re an avid networker, or need to keep track of prospects/leads for closing deals and making sales.

However, before you sink your teeth into the tools (i.e. network database/online contact/relationship management), it’s important to look at the basics.


[Q2 2015 Review] What I Learned About My “Fans” From Facebook Insights

I was recently looking through my Facebook analytics.

Although I like documenting things and then sharing my learnings, I wouldn’t say I’m much of a data nut. I have it there and ready – but I rarely review enough to be able to do anything worthwhile with it.

Today we’re changing that.

After perusing my Facebook data, here’s what I learned (maybe you can help me decipher what this means about my audiences too).

Let’s start with Facebook.